U-haul 26 Foot Truck Dimensions | What are 26" Truck Specs, Sizes? (2023)

The 26 foot Uhaul truck is the largest truck size offered by U-haul moving services and storage company.

The U-haulrental 26-foot truck specs and inside dimensions are designed for large families or to hold and transport large, bulky, or plenty items even up to 4 – 5 bedroom home.

This vehicle is a large size, convenient, affordably truck rental price, and functional width and height. If you need trucks to transport many rooms either within a town, or outside a state to a new home, then you should take a look at the details of 26″ haul trucks and capacity.


  • 1 Unique Benefits of 26 foot Uhaul Truck Size
  • 2 It has big space:
  • 3 Has a mom attic:
  • 4 Tank capacity:
  • 5 EZ ramps:
  • 6 U-haul 26 Foot Truck Features and Dimensions
  • 7 How Many Cubic Feet In A 26ft Box Truck?
  • 8 How Much Items Can 26″ ft Trucks Hold?
  • 9 What is U haul 26-Foot Weight Capacity?
  • 10 What is 26-ft U haul Towing Capacity?
  • 11 U haul 26-foot Trucks Renting Price
  • 12 What is Uhaul 26Foot Height?
  • 13 FAQ
  • 14 How to load a 26″ mover and how long it take?
  • 15 How much furniture will fit in a 26-footer?
  • 16 What is U haul 26ft ramp length?
  • 17 What size moving van do I need for a 4 bedroom house?
  • 18 Summary of twenty-six ft Uhaul features, weight and sizes!

Unique Benefits of 26 foot Uhaul Truck Size

U-haul truck rental is one of most formidable rental companies and currently parades different U-haul truck sizes such as Pickup truck rental, Cargo vans and 5 truck sizes for bigger truck rental services.

Currently, 26ft U-haul truck is one of the largest truck size, which is about two car lengths long! The 26″ft truck has a couple of advantages and benefits. Some are detailed below.

  • It has big space:

The 26-ft truck has a lot of space. The inner size can accommodate belongings for 5-8 room home or a four-bedroom home.

Loading your home belongings properly should ensure convenient storage of your property which is also important for the maintenance and safety of those items.

As a matter of fact, the company’s says 26′ truck is 13% more spacious than their best competition. RELATED: Wondering which is the most fuel efficient truck and how to reduce fuel cost in your moving vehicle?

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  • Has a mom attic:

The Mom attic in the truck differentiates it from other trucks by other manufacturers. The mom attic provides room for keeping fragile belongings, so they don’t get damaged during your move.

  • Tank capacity:

Another unique feature about this vehicle is that the gas tank capacity size is 60 gallons which is 10 gallons more than the average 50 gallons of most of its counterparts, and also makes use of unleaded fuel.

  • EZ ramps:

The 26″ft trucks line parades EZ ramps which makes it very easy to lift loads into the truck rental. This is very important especially because of carrying heavy belongings. RELATED:Can you sleep in hotel parking lots with your cargo when drive late night?

U-haul 26 Foot Truck Features and Dimensions

Now what is the average 26″ U-haul moving truck dimensions, overall size and features? As the biggest truck rental in the company’s impressive fleet, 26ft U haul specs is very, very impressive, as well intimidating square footage:

Inside Dimensions:26’2″ (L), 8’2″ (W), and 8’3″ (H)

Deck-Height from Ground: 2′ 11″

Deck length:23’5” (L)

Mom’s Attic: 2’8″ (L), 8’2″ (W), and 3’3″ (H)

Back Door opening: 7’9″ (W) and 6’10” (H)

Loading Ramp:2′ 7″

Empty Weight:12,990 lbs.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 25,999 lbs.

Max Load Capacity:9,010 lbs.

Towing capacity:10,000 lbs.

Volume:1,682cu. ft.

Fuel tank capacity: 60 gals.

Miles per gallon:10 MPG

Other Features: This fleet of big these trucks have seats for three adults, SRS/Airbags, disc brakes, air conditioning, automatic transmission, and AM/FM Stereo. View full details here!

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How Many Cubic Feet In A 26ft Box Truck?

Now how many cubic feet in a 26ft moving truck? It offers maximum space for a load of up to 10,000 lbs and almost 1,700 cubic feet size .

If you want to move to a 3-bedroom home, you require a box truck of almost 1200 cubic feet. Similarly, to move to a one-room studio home, you need a truck of 400 cubic feet.

As far as moving 1-2 rooms home is concerned, it can be done using a 450 cubic feet truck, and for moving a 2-3 room house, you can rent an 800 cubic feet truck.

That means 26ft box trucks can be pretty spacious as it is around 1700o cubic feet. With this much space, this large vehicle can hold a capacity of around 10,000 pounds.

How Much Items Can 26″ ft Trucks Hold?

Again, how much can you fit in a 26-foot moving truck rental? It can hold between 9,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs on the average, depending on the model and manufacturer.

This truck rental can take as much as 9,600 lbs, with a maximum volume of 1,682 cu. ft.

U-haul 26 Foot Truck Dimensions | What are 26" Truck Specs, Sizes? (3)

What is U haul 26-Foot Weight Capacity?

U-Haul’s services 26-foot truck is the ideal choice for larger loads.

Since it is designed with big size for heavier properties, the U haul 26″ foot truck weight capacity makes it the most convenient and efficient choice to move furniture, appliances, and other bulky stuff.

The u haul 26 ft truck weight limit is up to 12,000 lbs, and the rest is as follows:

  • Maximum load capacity: 12, 859 lbs
  • 26 ft truck empty weight: 13,140 lbs
  • Towing capacity: Up to 10,000 lbs
  • 26″ weight (Gross Vehicle Weight): 25, 999 lbs

What is 26-ft U haul Towing Capacity?

The U Haul 26 ft. truck has a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs., which refers to the maximum weight a truck can safely tow, which usually depends on the model, engine size, and other factors.

But generally speaking, U haul 26ft trucks can tow up to 10,000 pounds. And in case you need to carry extra weight, the truck comes with a trailer hitch hookup.

Hence, its car tow capacity reaches an additional 7,500 lbs, making it easier to move the “extra load.”

U haul 26-foot Trucks Renting Price

There is no fixed price for renting a 26ft truck. However, there are flat rates you can work with, but before that, here are some details you should know:

Rental Options and Prices:There are two rental options for U haul 26ft size truck. You can rent the truck for local services which involves using it to transport within the same city or state.

Such rentals are usually very short term too, and hence, it’s charged daily at a minimum fee of $39.95, which could increase based on the specifications of your rental.

The second option is to rent for a one way move and return the truck to one of U-haul’s locations in another state.

This plan is mainly created for those who are traveling to another state or relocating.Charges are based on certain factors like the distance, the number of days for the rent, as well as some other factors.

U-haul 26 Foot Truck Dimensions | What are 26" Truck Specs, Sizes? (4)

Requirements and Reservations:Reservation for the U haul truck has to be made online, and all that is required is your credit card details.

At pickup, you will be required to show documents to prove your age and identity, as well as a valid driver’s license. Bear in mind, however, that you will still need to submit your credit or debit card details even if you are paying with cash.

Payment Options:There are three payment options available for truck rental. You can pay with a credit card, a debit card, or cash.

Only credit cards are accepted for reservation, but when you are at the rental company for pickup, you can make payment with cash or credit/debit card. If you are paying with cash, you would still be required to drop your credit/debit card details as a backup.

What is Uhaul 26Foot Height?

When renting a truck, the height estimate gives you a clear view of the U haul truck peak clearance, which can help you decide if the truck is suitable for your needs.

The peak of 26ft truck, along with other important measurements, are as follows:

  • Interior height: 8′ 3″
  • Deck-height: 2′ 11″
  • Mom’s Attic: 3′ 3″
  • Peak clearance: 12 feet
  • External from the ground up: 35″


How to load a 26″ mover and how long it take?

So, how long does it take to load a 26″-ft moving truck? Loading takes about 4 and half hours.

To load U-haul truck, lift the heaviest items into the truck first, arranging them across the demarcation between the truck space and the passenger’s side; stack them on top of each other as much as possible while ensuring to distribute the weight evenly.

Once the first layer is done, repeat the process, thereby creating multiple tiers. Don’t forget to load your fragile things into the Mom’s attic as well before filling up the truck.

U-haul 26 Foot Truck Dimensions | What are 26" Truck Specs, Sizes? (5)

How much furniture will fit in a 26-footer?

On average, a 26″-ft truck can take 2-15 furniture, depending on the size of each item. Such truck can accommodate properties for a 3-5 bedroom apartment comfortably.

Some furniture that can conveniently sit in twenty-six ft u-haul truck includes 3 king-sized mattresses, a sectional sofa, a coffee table, a recliner, an office table, and a dresser. View furniting pads here!

What is U haul 26ft ramp length?

How long is the ramp on a 26 ft U Haul vehicle? The ramp on the 26 ft. U Haul trucks is 2 feet and 7 inches wide.

What size moving van do I need for a 4 bedroom house?

To move a 4-6 bedroom house, you would need between a 22 ft. truck to a 26 ft. moving truck. Other specifications to look out for would be the volume capacity of the truck and also the load capacity.

Summary of twenty-six ft Uhaul features, weight and sizes!

The 26-ft U haul truck is a worthy choice if you are considering what truck to use to transport your office or home properties and hold even up to 5 bed rooms house.

The U-haul truck boasts of unique specs and features over other rental truck, alongside the ease of driving it despite it being a big truck, makes it very functional and a customers top choice when comparing moving companies and truck rental.


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