Price of Euro Wooden Pallets in Different Sizes (2023) (2023)

The wood industry is one of the most important industries all over the world. In some countries, due to the great variety of trees, the wood industry is booming and it is very powerful in the field of wood exports. Various products are obtained from this natural material, one of the most important of which are different types of wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are used to move tools, agricultural products and even food products.

There are different types of euro pallets. Such as Euro standard pallet, medium type pallet, thin type pallet and thick type pallet.

The factor that determines these species is their different sizes. Euro pallets are produced in EU standards. Euro pallets, which are also used as packing boxes, have a higher quality than normal pallets.

Whether Euro pallets meet production standards or not is done by companies with inspection authority.

In this video, you can see how to convert wood into euro pallets.

Types of pallets (EPAL)

  • wooden pallet
  • Plastic pallet
  • Euro palette
  • Wood composite pallet
  • Metal pallet

One of the most widely used different types of palletsis a wooden pallet. In this article, we will talk about the exact details of wooden pallets:

These pallets are made in different types and models and therefore they have numerous applications. In this article, we will talk about Euro Wooden Pallets, which are considered one of the best types of wooden pallets. Follow us to learn about the features and applications of the Euro Pallet.

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What is a Euro Pallet?

With a general internet search, you will find that wooden pallets are different in terms of shape, size and even in terms of wood type. Therefore, to purchase wooden pallets, you must first determine the application you are looking for. For instance, to move heavy equipment, you need high-quality pallets with very high strength. Euro wooden pallets are considered to be one of the best and most durable types of wooden pallets, weighing about 25 kg.

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Price of Euro Wooden Pallets in Different Sizes (2023) (1)

Among different types of wooden pallets, the Euro pallet is known as one of the best ones for transportation and it is even used in exportation. To make the Euro pallet, Pinewood is utilized. This type of pallet is processed and made with advanced machines and that is why there is a special beauty in the design.

Are Euro pallets hardwood?

Euro pallets differ in the materials from which they are made. Euro pallets are made of hardwoods and softwoods, as well as fiberboards, metals and plastics. Wood is a cheaper material than plastic, which makes it more of a standard solution for euro pallets.

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EPAL palet üzerinde ne anlama geliyor?

You must have seen the EPAL seal at the bottom of the pallets. This word is the name of the European Pallet Manufacturers Association, which is derived from the first letters of the words European Pallet Association. EPAL is not a trademark of the manufacturer. The European Pallet Manufacturers Association is the organization that monitors the implementation of the rules set by the manufacturer.

Therefore, this logo can be stamped by company A and company B. But in order to use this seal, it is necessary to apply and meet the necessary conditions. Companies that do not have the necessary conditions cannot produce EPAL-stamped pallets in accordance with European standards and cannot put the EPAL seal on their production pallets.

How much wood is in a Euro pallet?

The EUR/EPAL pallet is 800 mm × 1,200 mm × 144 mm (31.5 in × 47.2 in × 5.7 in); it is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. The weight of a EUR/EPAL-pallet (EPAL 1) is approx.25 kg.


As mentioned, wooden pallets are made in different types and models. For this reason, in order to use them, we must first be familiar with their characteristics to find out whether the selected pallet is suitable for our purpose or not. The most important features of the Euro pallet are:

  • The thickness of the wood used in the Euro wooden pallet has made it very strong and has a lifespan of nearly 10 years.
  • It is interesting to know that the bearing capacity of these pallets is very high and that is why, among the types of wooden pallets, Euro wooden pallet has a very special place.
  • The quality of Euro wooden pallets is very high, so when these pallets are stored, they will not have problems such as rot, pest attack or breakage.
  • The average lifespan of a reusable wooden pallet is noted to bebetween 8 and 10 years.

Advantages of Euro Pallets

  • You may think that buying a wooden pallet is expensive, but do not forget that for the price paid, you will receive the best pallet material. As mentioned, euro pallets can last for almost a decade if stored properly. This means that you can use these pallets for 10 years to transport items. So the most important advantage of the Euro wooden pallet (EPAL) over other pallets is that it is cost-effective, and in fact, you have saved both your time and money.
  • It is interesting to know that in the design of Euro wooden pallets, space engineering has also been considered, because one of the main issues is to use the minimum space in warehouses for placing goods. By applying Euro wooden pallets, you can use almost all parts of the warehouse to store items and you will not even have problem moving items inside the warehouse.
  • Perhaps one of the problems in transportation is the movement of equipment on the surface of pallets. But this will not happen with Euro pallets, because the surface of the item will rub against the wood surface. Therefore, the cargo will adhere properly to the surface of the wooden pallet and will not slip.
  • As mentioned, strong and hardwoods are used to make Euro wooden pallets to have a high degree of resistance. Therefore, the useful life of Euro pallets is long, and this is a step towards environmental protection. To make wooden pallets, we should cut down trees, so when we use Euro wooden pallets, as it has a longer shelf life, the need to cut trees is reduced, and this causes less damage to the environment.

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Price of Euro Wooden Pallets in Different Sizes (2023) (2)
  • Even when the wooden pallet is not usable anymore, it can still be used to make disposable wooden pallets, which will be very important for protecting the environment.
  • The beauty of the Euro wooden pallet is another advantage, which makes the product even more attractive to the customer. For this reason, Euro wooden pallets are used to transport luxury goods.As Euro pallets are very safe, you will not have to worry about moving sensitive items that have a high price value.
  • You can also use the Euro wooden pallet to move food. Since the quality of the Euro pallet is very high and it doesn’t suffer from problems such as fungus and pests, there are no restrictions for storing food with the Euro pallet in the warehouse.

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Two Important Points to Purchase a Euro pallet

Before buying a Euro pallet, you must pay attention to two important issues:

  • As mentioned, this type of wooden pallet is made of pine wood. You need to make sure that the wood is completely dry. The slightest moisture in the texture of pallet wood can cause lots of problems such as fungi and pests. Needless to say, diagnosing the dryness of wood and its quality requires expertise. As a result, people who work in different industries need an expert in this field.

Also, pay attention to the mark on the Euro pallets. This logo determines what brand of pallet you have purchased from, and if there is a problem, you can refer to the relevant company.

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euro pallet vs standard pallet

The key difference between a Standard Pallet and a Euro Pallet is size. A Standard Pallet has larger dimensions when compared to a Euro Pallet, measuring 120cm by 100cm instead of 120cm by 80cm for a Euro.

What wood is used to make wooden pallets?

what wood are euro pallets made from? Hardwoods such as mahogany, maple, oak, teak and walnut are good examples for making wooden pallets. However, softwoods such as pine, Douglas fir, poplar and yew are used in more applications. So pine is the most grown and used today and is often used in wooden pallets.

Types of wood approved for making wooden pallets are: softwood (spruce, pine, poplar), softwood (alder, birch), hardwood (ash, acacia, oak, maple, sycamore, European chestnut).

Pallet makers are looking for wood that is not only fit for purpose, but also readily available.

Pine is often used in pallets because it is a clean product that can be kiln-dried without causing damage. This makes it suitable for the transportation and storage of food and pharmaceutical products.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Finland Wood Companywith a team of experienced specialists in the field of recognizing different types of wood, are ready to offer you a variety of wood products. For consultation from our experts, you can call the company numbers or use the online chat service of the website.

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