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Depending on the type of the container and pallet size, you can fit between 10-24 pallets in a container.

The most common type of pallet in Europe is 31.5” x 47.24”. Pallets are also available with a dimension of 40” x 48” which is the most common in North America.  Another size of pallet that is 39.37” x 47.24” which is used most often in Europe and Asia and is comparable to the 40” x 48” pallet. The diagram below shows various sizes and containers that fit into one of our decommissioned Eveon 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft HC shipping containers.

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  • 10 or 11 pallets can fit in a 20ft container
  • Between 20-24 pallets can fit into a 40ft containeror 40ft High Cube container

As a global provider of sustainable shipping solutions, Eveon Containers is here to provide you with an easy online solution to your building, storage or shipping needs. Do you have something specific in mind to use your new Eveon container for? There are several functional and creative ways to use this wind and watertight container You can store hay, auto parts, marble & granite and tires. Well, just about anything that will fit in the dimensions. Since 80% of the world’s consumer-packaged goods are transported via a container and loaded on a pallet for easy loading and shipping, it’s no surprise that customers often inquire about how many pallets fit in a container?

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How Many Pallets Fit in a 20ft Container?

The 20 ft shipping container can hold between 10 and 11 pallets (depending on the size and type of cargo on the pallet). A 20ft used Eveon container has a payload weight of 28,600lbs, a tare weight of 5,000lbs, and has dimensions of 20’ x 8’ x 8.6”. This is an ideal container for smaller storage needs and will keep your items wind and watertight.

This intermodal freight container is the most requested of our three options. This choice is often bought as an affordable and sustainable option on construction sites, manufacturing plants and on farms. If your looking for more space and room then perhaps one of our bigger options is a better fit. Eveon also offers both 40 foot and 40 foot HC options.

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How Many Pallets in a 40ft Container?

A 40ft shipping container Eveon container can hold between 20 and 24 pallets (depending on the size and type of cargo on the pallet). The 40ft container which has a payload of 80,350lbs, a tare weight of 8,377lbs and dimensions of 40’ x 8’ x 8.6”. A little shorter than the 40ft HC, both options offer more volume for storage.

Depending on the size of the pallets, the 40ft shipping container is suitable as an affordable storage option. A 40ft used Eveon container can hold between 20 and 24 pallets and while this may not seem substantial, this can equal to hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer-packaged goods. Take the beloved iPhone that is exported via China on pallets. According to USA Today, 2,660 boxes of iPhones fit in 40’ shipping container for a total of more than $800 million in electronics. With the new auto Trans Rack, a 40’ Container can hold up to four mid-size vehicles.

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All containers delivered by Eveon are decommissioned containers, otherwise known as retired from life on a shipping vessel. We only sell used containers, based on our sustainability principle and the belief that once minor repairs are conducted, and they meet our high standards, these containers are safe, structurally sound and weather resistant.

How Many Pallets are in a 40ft High Cube Container?

You can fit between 20-24 pallets in a 40ft High Cube container. A 40ft High Cube or (HC) is a container that has greatest clearance, bigger volume and is a foot taller than a normal 40ft shipping container. The dimensions for this container are 40’ length x 8’ width x 9.6” height. The 40ft High Cube shipping container is one of the three options we currently offer for sale through the Eveon webshop. The 40ft High Cube shipping container is a preferred option for those in search of storage with more volume. These options can handle taller equipment and more volume of product. Depending on the type of pallet (Euro or US) you can fit up to 24 pallets in a used 40ft HC Container

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A standard 40ft Shipping Container has 2,350 cubic feet of storage space while the 40ft High Cube has 2,695 cubic feet of storage space. Please note the 40ft High Cube does require more room to be delivered and placed, but can provide more space for your goods, agriculture or equipment.

We are always curious about how you use and fill your container. Send us a photo of your Eveon Container with or without pallets! We love to see our fleet in the wild.

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